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Woodworking Refresher

I got my general membership at the end of June and it seems like the only classes right now are the general woodshop and laser classes. Id like to get into the woodshop, but its been about 10 years since ive done anything remotely serious with a table saw, band saw, etc. I think it would in in everyones best interest if i had a bit of a refresher session before jumping in.

So im wondering if someone would be willing to spend an hour or two going over the basics of the woodshop to make sure there aren’t any major things ive forgotten.

Im free after 7pm any day, and all day Thurs-Saturday for the time being. Can pay in cash or beer if needed.

Hi, I’m currently administering the check-off tests for the woodshop, and would be happy to walk you through the machines in preparation for the test. I’ll get in touch with Devin to see if we can maybe get an official class scheduled, and if not, we can do something on the side. I’ll send a direct message when I have an update.