Woodworker Meetup


Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in a woodworker meetup, or know of any such events that happen in other locations in the Pittsburgh Area. I have been getting more interested in woodworking as of late, and would love to meet some other locals who enjoy making things from trees.



Heya. The woodworking special interest group (currently having the dust brushed off of it from a long hiatus) is intended to fill that role. I think we’re at the point shop-functionality-wise that we can start having meetings that would be more interesting than “we need X machine to be able to plug into the wall” and can start branching out to more interesting subjects. Did you have anything in mind regarding what you’d like to see discussed, or what you think would bring people out? Demonstrations? Skill building sessions? Sitting around a table with beers and sharpen stacks of chisels?


I’m always willing to help sharpen tools (Nothing is more satisfying than taking off a paper thin shaving with a razor sharp plane/chisel).

Personally, I would be most interested in skill building sessions. Maybe practicing a particular type of joinery, or exploring different techniques that can be put in practice with the different tools available at Protohaven.

Or if there were enough people interested in something specific, say furniture building, we could have more specific discussion or skills building sessions. Maybe dedicated to a particular style of woodworking (craftmen furniture, greene and greene, kumiko, etc).

A few examples of things I would personally be interested in to get some ideas flowing:
-Mortise and Tenon making
-Wood preparation (working with rough cut lumber)
-Working with large surfaces (How to set up glue-ups, and flattening large surfaces)
-Tool care and maintenance
-Woodworking business (discussion of the business aspects of woodworking for those who do it for a living, or are hoping to do so)


Those all sound like fantastic ideas. I think it would be fairly interesting to chain those topics together start with something small, like “the basics of sharpening hand tools” like planes, and use those skills to incrementally build bigger and better things. Sharpen up a hand plane in order to build a good, straight/square sled for the bandsaw to resaw rough cut lumber, then use mortise & tenon joinery to build a table frame, and top it with a nicely joined table top.

Maybe that’s too much of a project to launch immediately, but …

I think we could get something going short term, like spending an afternoon chopping out some mortises and practicing keeping things sharp. I’ll talk to Devin about what sort of email notification we can send out to members who are cleared on the woodworking equipment for the purpose of informing them about a meetup.


I’m interested in these meet ups, I’m a novice work worker who enjoys making tables (coffee, end, bar tops, dining) with the use of epoxy (resin). Interested in learning ways to make the projects easier and also giving my input on frequently made mistakes (I’ve made many).

Schedule is busy as a I run a business, but after 7pm m-f and weekends work best. Tuesdays before 2pm and fridays after 3pm.


Ok, let’s set up the first meetup next Saturday at 11am. I’ll bring along a template and some black locust and maple rounds, and anyone who is interested can use them to make a mallet for future chiselling. Bring your own chisel and blank if you want! The day may include using the wet grinder to sharpen tools, building a bandsaw sled for sawing rough stock, & shooting the breeze.

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The 19th? And can we get tags for our badges for classes we’ve already taken? I’d like to start working on the wood lathe and see if it needs any work.


The 19th. I’ve been given stickers to hand out for the basic woodshop and the millwork check-offs, so come on in and we’ll get it sorted out.


Trying to finish some client work and get it to the post office before the storm hits, will try to come by after that.


Well, for those following along, in week 1 we succeeded in building a passable band saw sled for the resaw bandsaw that was used to cut down a ~1.5 ft long log into usable lumber. Week 2 saw that lumber get used to make both the head and handle of a wooden mallet.

Should we tackle chopping mortise and tenons next week?


Just an FYI, I won’t be able to make it this week.