Woodshop 1.X


So, we’ve officially opened the doors of Protohaven with version 1.0! But there’s still lots to accomplish. I’m going to be firing the Woodworking SIG back up to help provide a means for getting together to help make the space work better for all of us.

The first meeting will be this Tuesday, December 18th at 6:30pm. Sorry for the short notice, but we do really need to get moving on our dust collection build out. During this weeks meeting we’ll set a schedule for recurring meetings and announce it so people can plan to attend the next round.

The main focus of this week’s meeting will be planning the dust collection and making assignments to begin execution of the build.

Future conversations will include:
-Area usability
Equipment layout
Tool accessibility & storage
-Equipment maintenance team
-Safety classes
Teachers for safety classes
Ways to informing members of updated information/procedures
-Specialty classes
Content (joinery, finishing, tool sharpening, etc?)

Hope to see you there!


Sorry, I couldn’t make the meeting, but I’m interested in helping with the wood lathe while I’m on winter break.