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Where to get supplies

Hey folks!

Although I have been in town for a couple of years, only recently have I had the time to start making things. I largely don’t know where to get things locally and I suspect that many people who are just starting to make things don’t either.

I have made a google spreadsheet that has a bunch of categories of raw materials and columns for where in pittsburgh and online to get them. The Pittsburgh column is blank right now but I have filled in online sources for materials that I have ordered online in the past.

Here’s the link. I have enabled editing by anyone. If you have a place or new category that you would like to add, feel free. Maybe at some point this can be printed out and hung on the wall at Protohaven.

I think I’m either the only one updating this or I’m not seeing changes made by other people.

Today I picked up an order at Allegheny Plywood and asked about delivery. It appears to be free for an order over $100, but you might need an account and it takes a day or two.

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I had to kind of had to search in a way, what was posted recently. I am wondering if there is a way to get alerts?

I added that AP has delivery.

I added sources for 3D Printing supplies, Fabric, Misc, and Leather (mostly online sources)