Welding SIG


For those of you who were at the meeting last night and were interested in discussing how we can build out a welding area, here’s the place.


Hi all, this is Cord.
Here’s my short-list of things to get a welding shop off the ground:

Oxy/Acetylene torch set (with both cutting & welding torches)
Tig welder with stick welding capabilities (tig will need argon gas tank, but most jobs could be done with just the stick capabilities of the machine if cost is an issue)
Welding table (make from scrap as a special-interest group project as soon as we get a welder?)
Grinding wheel for tungsten electrodes
Fume extractor
Welding curtains
angle grinder for weld prep shaping & cleaning

Second phase of build-out:
Mig welder (needs argon gas tank)
Cold cut saw
plasma cutter (needs compressor)

Third phase of build-out
Nice welding table with holes & slots for hold-downs, clamps, etc.

The migs probably got more use than the tigs in TS, but they also use shop-provided wire spool, shop-provided argon (or flux-core wire), and just about anything you would want to mig you could tig or stick weld without having to have a second machine in the shop. They’re good for running long beads, but aren’t suited for switching between materials, and can’t handle aluminum, so I’d put them into the second phase of the buildout.

With a Tig/stick welder, patrons can bring their own stick electrodes as consumables, and the bulk of the welding won’t need a shielding gas.

While a cold cut saw would be nice to have off the bat, an O/A torch can provide cutting capabilities until funds catch up with us, and is a much more versatile tool which is also needed for heating, brazing, etc.

Front desk should have various electrodes/tungsten/filler-rod available for purchase

Does anyone have a favorite local welding supply shop they could recommend?


I’ve got TIG electrodes and filler rods from http://www.alloyoxygen.com last year, they’ve got a shop close to Carson St.


When I got started welding I bought a MIG because it was cheaper but I regret that now. TIG is so much more versatile. MIG’s one advantage is that you can lay down a lot of weld quickly.


Just saw this on Craigslist. It is a welding table. It is pretty small at 2’x2’ but at the moment, my opinion is that something is better than nothing. What do you guys think? This isn’t something that I would want for my home shop so I’m not going to just buy it and see if people really want it but I’ll grab it if people do want it (and if it is still available)



posting already deleted. It’s pretty cheap/easy to make a welding table if we have the stock. I put mine on casters so I could go outside for gas welding or plasma cutting.


I usually go to Jackson Welding because they’re open Saturday mornings.


Do we have any 220V outlets for welders? I’m guessing “no”, but I thought I’d check. I’m collecting the things I need to weld up a stand for a mobile whiteboard, but I’m not sure I want to bring the 5’x10’ board to my house to fit the stand.


Devin told me at one point that the building does have 220 but I don’t know what the outlet situation is at the moment.


Just looked around the shop and there’s not a suitable spot for welding yet. We’ll have to expand into the back room in order to have access to 220 in a ventable, UV-shieldable area.


Cleaning more stuff out of the studio, I have one or two portable welding curtains, unused, with frames. I can bring them in whenever.


That would be awesome, Jet. Thanks!