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Validating system reservations

I went to book time on Laser #2 and the site says it’s booked solid for the next week, which I find a bit hard to believe. Laser #1 was free so I booked it for Friday afternoon.

Is there any way for us to see if equipment reservations are for actual use vs. system maintenance vs. class reservation? I don’t care who is using it, but it’s down and I need time I can volunteer to try and fix whatever the problem is.

Hey Jet - Laser 2’s lense is out and another is on order. That should be marked on the machine and on the machine maintenance page for it. For the calendar, laser two should be grayed out until it’s fixed. If it’s booked, that will be marked in red.

FYI, it’s white for my browser, not grey. What is grey are days in the previous and following months, but not being able to scroll forward in time I’m not sure how consistent that is with other month displays.

Also, where is the maintenance page? Can we link to that from the reservation page?

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The tool data page can be found at and indicates it’s status at the top as being red-tagged. Providing an easier link to the status page and adding the reason for the current red-tag would be a good addition to the status page, and will be put on an improvement to-do list.

Is there a way I could have found this link on my own?

Also, I have a collection of laser cutter lenses and spares, feel free to ping me for a donor before you buy a new part.

Laser 2’s new lens arrived at the shop and has been installed. The reservable status will be updated either today or tomorrow. Next time we need one, I’ll try to remember to ask you!

The link is posted on the machine itself both as a url and a qr code, but isn’t currently linked to anywhere on the site (which it definitely should and will be).

Thanks. Did you keep the damaged lens? I can measure it and compare it to what I have in stores.