Tool Lending Library?


As a longtime homeowner, I’ve acquired a SAE Crap Ton of specialized home repair tools. Some stuff from Home Despot, other stuff from specialty shops. Stuff I’ll use once every five years, if I’m lucky. Once PER year if I’m not.

I sure would like to share these tools with other members. How about we form a “tool lending library”, physical or virtual. If it existed TODAY, maybe I would not have shell out $25 for a basin wrench of capacity more than one inch.


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Same here – I have a few boxes of tools that I rarely need but don’t want to get rid off them purchase them again next year. I think Hack PGH has used my BX stripper more than I have, I have a 50’ snake for clearing sink drains, etc.

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OK! Just for funski’s, I’m going to launch this as a self-moderated thing, as soon as we get the 4x8 storage areas set up in the Room of Requirement. Stand by for further developments!


Along this same line of thought, would having a reference library of books describing things like sheet metal work, machine tool usage, wood working, molding and casting, jewely making, etc… be of interest to people or is youtube now the default go-to for things like that?


I think books are way better than youtube, for the most part. I go shopping at Half Price every month or two, there are a lot of good vintage books on woodworking and metalworking out there for cheap.