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Spray paint booth and drying area

I have a few projects that need painted, and I’ve found doing it outside produces less than desirable results with all the air particles that end up sticking to the finish.

Is the spray paint booth up and running? I would also like to investigate using a compressed air paint spray gun instead of spray paint as well (maybe even a class?), but I’m curious if there are different safety concerns for doing this instead of a can of spray paint. Obviously a respirator is required, but what about other people around the shop.

Finally, is there an area that painted items can be stored to dry without getting debris from the wood shop? I guess I’m interested if the shop can currently support this type of painting or if there are plans to add this to the space.


Yes, painting! Now that the welding area curtains are up, I need to work with woodworking folks to get all the machines connected to the dust collection system so the whole shop stays cleaner. After that: spray area! It will likely include some kind of curtaining to keep particles out and a very important hole in the roof to get fumes out as well. Once that’s in, everything paint related will be much easier.

Great news, thanks Devin!