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Soldering Job Available - This Week!

Below find a job description from a friend of mine who needs some soldering completed this week. I’ve done some work for him in the past, and he was great to work for…please contact Ben directly about the job using the email at the bottom of the post.

Ben Peoples Industries is looking for an overhire tech to solder leads onto switches and LEDs (picture attached). We will have parts for assembly on the 30th, and we’ll need a little over 100 of these built by June 6th. (So that’s 100 switches and 100 LEDs). We’ve built a couple thousand of these to date: typically it’s about 12-20 units per hour. Given that, we think it’s two days of work, but those hours can get spread out wider if that works better for the tech’s schedule.

Pay is $15/hr as an employee.
Future work might be able to be “remote” and done on a piecework basis.

Ben Peoples