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Scrolling Signs

I found this vendor:

Rather than explain all the options and prices, just go look there. They give prices, which can calibrate our expectations.

There is a local vendor, but they do not give specs and prices. I have submitted an inquiry.

This came up as a local vendor, but no local address was given:

I have sent them an inquiry. The refreshing thing about the first vendor is that they give prices.

I’m just tossing the idea out for comment—it may be completely infeasible, and 1 sign = 1 or 2 PrintrBots, so it might not make sense at this point.

Just curious, what particular need to we have for scrolling signs?

A sign that says “ProtoHaven” is expensive. And fixed. Now imagine a 4-line scrolling sign:
Line 1: ProtoHaven
Line 2: A nonprofit community makerspace
Line 2:
Line 2: (412) 000-0000
Line 2: @protohaven [twitter logo here] [Facebook logo here]
Line 2: Come in for a free tour
Line 3: Have access to: laser cutters, 3D printers, welders, woodshop, metalshop
Line 3: Membership: $xxx per month, $yyyy per year, Public open shop Sat 6-9pm for $zz
Line 3: A community of makers who can help you build your dream
[TechShop can’t sue us if we steal their line, because they don’t exist]
Line 4: Take classes. This week:
Line 4: Woodshop Basics: Mon 6-9pm
Line 4: TIG Welding: Tue 6-9pm
Line 4: Internet of Things: Thu 6-9pm
Line 4: Laser cutting: Sat 1-4pm
Line 4: Special startup discount: nonmembers get members’ class price through March of 2018
Line 4: This week: Meet and learn (open to nonmembers)
Line 4: Microcontroller group Wed 6:30-8:30

Get the idea?

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Further thought: imagine a small, say 8x10, sign in the left rear driver-side window of several cars owned by members. This might have a better effect because the new site is not exactly in a high-traffic area. We could do this for a whole lot less than a fixed-location LED sign. And it could be reprogrammed just by giving each volunteer an SD card-of-the-week. A LiPo battery charged when the engine is running would let the sign continue to run while the car is parked. I haven’t seen the new site, but if it has a window or glass door a similar small form factor sign could be hung inside.

40" x 9" sign, <$300

All very clever, but “where are the eyeballs?” The Trenton St location is indeed off the beaten path. I bet we’d gain more attention if we had something on the roof, aimed toward the busway. A clever sculpture on the roof, maybe? (Illuminated “Non-Burning-Man?”) Or even a wind turbine, collecting some power? Or even just a FLAG! We’ve all seen the Google flags on Bakery Square.

Hm, since that building is in Wilkinsburg, I wonder if the zoning restrictions for signs are as stringent as they are in the city of Pittsburgh?

yes. The eyeballs are all elsewhere. I thought of this, which is why I thought of the display-in-the-car idea.

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Good find. Note it is indoor-only, which would not be a problem if (a) we will have a 40” (minimum width) window and (b) as Marty points out, we have eyeballs.

One question we might consider: can we get the sign out on Penn Ave? Zoning and space are issues.

Zoning, and space, and the fact that the hospital owns BOTH properties at that corner. :confused: