SBU transfers


Originally there was some talk about securing the list of SBUs from TS and that those would count at Protohaven, and also a message about a quick refresher/sign off. Any update on that? I couldn’t find any info on the site or forums.
Just FYI, was a TS member, and haven’t done anything since, but contemplating getting back into it now :slight_smile:


Hi Jim,
There isn’t going to be a direct transferring of TS SBUs as automatic clearance to use Protohaven equipment. On some equipment (we’re still bringing classes online) there are clearance tests that can be taken instead of the full class. These clearance tests are intended to be taken by experienced users who are very familiar with the equpiment, like professionals in the field, etc., and not as a refresher course.

One example of where a TS SBU would be insufficient is in the laser area. Because of different software and different interface on the lasers themselves, even a user who used JobControl and the Trotec Speedy laser on a daily basis would be expected to take the full class in order to become properly trained to use the RDWorks/LightBurn software and Rabbit lasers.

It looks like the wood shop is the only area set up with the ability to reserve a clearance test online (see the link in the description of the class), but expect more tests to be added to the system shortly. In the meantime, please contact the related area lead about taking other clearance tests.


Since you’re interested in “Making” again, you should definitely stop by Protohaven any time during regular hours and take the free tour. So you can see whether it meets your requirements for what you want to do.
The nominal fee that’s charged for clearances helps support this community-focused and volunteer-organized group.