Robotics / electronics SIG


For those of you who were at the meeting last night and were interested in discussing how we can build an electronics / robotics area, here’s the place.


I’m personally interested in this topic and have worked with robotics and animatronics for the past 20 years. I’m currently pursuing a degree in robotics at CMU. Robotics is sort of an ‘all of the above’ category so I’ll just focus on electronics in this thread.

The things that I think would be necessary to have a decent electronics area would be:
assortment of through-hole resistors
assortment of through-hole capacitors
Assortment of wire spools
Soldering iron
op amps
perf board assortment
Solder sucker
solder wick
Fume extractor
oscilloscope (at least 2 channel 60MHz)
Two bench top power supplies
fire extinguisher
Xacto knife
snips for component leads
side cutters for wires

Would be nice to have
Logic analyzer - at least 8 channel
Function generator
Magnifying light - the kind that mounts on a desk and has parallel mechanisms

Just winging this but I think that this area could be minimally viable for about $2k.


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Now that we have the techshop loot box, I’m happy to help sort/test gear. Most of the volunteer work is physical work I’m not capable of, but I can sit at a bench and use a VOM and hand tools.


I donated an assortment of thru-hole parts last month, and a VOM. If they are not visible, ask Devin. If he thinks they should be there, we have a problem.