Protohaven Ambassadors?


So I’ve heard in passing that there are some “Ambassador” volunteers needed?
What does that entail?


@thorn I see you on the Maker Faire thread, that’s a great start!


I called a buddy of mine (who was a former TechShop member) to let him know about this Tuesday’s get-together (and tell him about the website). He’s very interested in Protohaven and attended some of the weekly meetings. But after TechShop closed, he didn’t have any way of getting any further information (not everybody goes on Facebook!). Glad to say he plans on coming!
So if you know how to reach former TechShop members who you don’t see on here, give them a call to let them know things are moving forward!

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I’m happy to pitch at CMU if we have academic/group discounts. We have a lot of maker gear on campus but there’s often a wait or restrictions on who can use the equipment.

If we need a more formal arrangement with CMU for group/student discounts I’m happy to work on that.

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Thank you @jet and @daniel.clamage! We’re working on getting our hours set and will be following up with everyone to get the shop as full as we can. The $20/mo founders discount we have right now is the best deal going - it’s on a par with what we would offer groups in the future.


(Probably the wrong place for a cost discussion.)

How does $85/mo compare to the TS1.0 rates for groups? CMU had some accounts for awhile then they all went away at once.

Speaking as a consultant, $85/mo sounds like a lot if I only use the shop a few times a year. On the other hand, if there were day/week passes at a reasonable price for occasional group users, that might bring in more people.

Just making up numbers, but $85/mo is just under $3/day. What if the group discount rate was between $10 and $20 a day per person? I see a lot of students in this position, “panic! I have 3 days to laser cut all these things and all the laser cutters on campus are booked!” If they could pay for a day or two cutting time off the cuff, that’s $20 to $40 take on a day or two (assuming the lasers are available).