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Paint/Powder coat SIG

For those of you who are interested in organizing a paint and powder coating area, this is the place.

I’m interested in a big powder coating oven. Small powder coating can be done in toaster ovens in the garage or a picnic table.

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anyone have an extra $5,000

I’m guessing that takes more than a 110 outlet. The TechShop oven pulled something like 80 amps at 220, if my memory serves.

dont think the 220v is a problem, the $5K price may be…

200V at 80A for a single device is a lot of power. A lot. I have two 220V lines in my garage, one 60A and one 30A. If I was ever crazy enough to run them both at the same time I’d trip the panel box from the service line to my house. Our house only has a 100A line to the pole.

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There’s a lot of interest in that. Consensus seems to be gas powered in the name of keeping consumable costs lower.

So, given the delightful news about acquisition of old Techshop stuff, what do we need to do to get the sandblaster and powder coat oven set up?

I’m happy to throw in as much volunteer time as I can to make that happen.

Same here. I have a bad knee so I can’t do any HULK MOVE THING tasks, but I can certainly help with wiring, writing instruction manuals, etc.

So, a painting question. I have a bunch of bee hive components that I’d like to brush paint with water-based, outdoor, latex paint. I usually do this in my garage in the summer, but this year just couldn’t line up not-raining days with not-contracting days.

Do we have any (safe) way to do this sort of painting inside in the winter? It takes a few hours to set so I’d paint on Saturday at lunch time and move everything out Sunday afternoon. When I paint/dry in my garage I never wear a mask or glasses, so the fumes seem relatively benign.

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I think we have one small fume hood set up in the jewelry section, but probably not big enough for beehive-size things. I’ve seen painted items drying on drop-cloths out by the loading dock…

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We’re working on that fume hood (and can use more help), but for now the loading dock with a fan and open door will work. We just put up some vinyl strips to better separate it from the rest of the shop so it should work well as long it doesn’t overcome anyone using the forge.

Does the vent just need to be connected to the roof? Do we have hose/pipe on hand to do that?

My main concern is temperature, I want it to be warm enough for the paint to cure properly. At home I’d just brush paint this in the garage with the doors closed and let it dry overnight.