Our New Lasers


Any update on when our two (2) new lasers will be available for our use?

  • How do we reserve them?
  • How long can we reserve them for?
  • Is there a surcharge for using them (e.g., by the minute or hour)?
  • What training do we need to take before you’ll let us use them?
  • Is there a computer hooked up to the laser with appropriate software (e.g., Corel Draw)?
    I’m itching to get back to lasering!

My household is also interested to know if/when there would be computers with design software available to use for laser layout purposes, as well as lasers up and running. :slight_smile:


At least one of them will be available to use next week, and we’ll have all the details then! We’ll send out a big update - you won’t miss it. :slight_smile:


The reservation system is available online from the main www.protohaven.org page.
You must be a paid member to reserve equipment.
Be sure to sign in first.
Go to Membership --> Equipment.
You’ll see Lasers #1 and 2, and the vinyl cutter too!
Click the image of the equipment you want to reserve.
Choose a duration (1 or 2 hours), a date, then an available time slot.
Go to your Cart and proceed to Check Out (cost is $0 since you’re a paid member).
You’ll get an email verification of your reservation order.


There are a few PC’s (including the one attached to Laser #1) that have Corel Draw 8 Home/Student and other software (like for the vinyl cutter, 3D printer, etc.) installed.
You’ll have to export the file as Adobe Illustrator to use with the Laser control software.
Corel Draw 8 Home/Student (3 licenses per household) is under $100 from Amazon.

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Are there any classes or training available to learn to use the equipment?

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Alternately, for those of us with experience on, say, laser cutters, is there a guide or other information we can use to get ourselves up and running on said cutters by ourselves?

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Right now, just let us know when you’d like to come in and we’ll do a class for free. We’re working on more organized, in depth classes starting this month.

Right now this is free for everyone. Once we have the more formal classes, we’ll also have shorter, discounted machine check-off classes for those already generally familiar.


If the PC’s attached to the lasers had shortcuts to the control software documentation, that would be helpful.

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not sure where to ask this, but how do I cancel a reservation for a laser cutter?

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After logging in, go to https://www.protohaven.org/my-account/bookings/. You’ll see a listing of all your bookings and can cancel any that are in the future. This and a lot of other good stuff is also available from the user dashboard at https://www.protohaven.org/my-account


Thanks. I tried to get to that earlier and just got “400 bad request” errors so I thought the site was broken. I followed your link and managed to cancel but got a half-dozen or so more 400 errors.


Thanks, I’ve been seeing that today, too. I just did a database update that didn’t fix it, it may be an issue with our host. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it persists.


Working fine, but I can’t cancel my reservation for 7pm:

“* Your booking can no longer be cancelled. Please contact us if you need assistance.”


I left a repair tag on laser #2, the e-stop is disconnected.


Laser 2 is fixed. Thanks for the heads-up!


I think laser #1 has an alignment problem. They use the same layout as my lasersaur, as you stand facing the laser cutter, 0,0 is at the top left and xMax, yMax at the bottom right. I cut some 2’x4’ yesterday on laser #1 and laser #2, and I could see where the kerf was much wider near xMax,yMax on laser #1 than laser #2.

On a lasersaur, this can happen for (at least) two reasons:

  • cutting bed isn’t level
  • gantry that carries the x-head is out of alignment

Because the Rabbit has powered bed height I suspect the bed is out of level, but I’ve never worked on a Rabbit.