Ornament cutting open house


We have the lasers. I suggest an open house ornament cutting party this Friday. I will man the hours and supply material, wood, plastic, cardboard. Need to publicize. I know time is short.

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Hi Nick! Thank you so much for offering to do this!

What time would you like the event to be on Friday? What supplies are needed for it? Is this for members only?

I’m happy to create an event for this and promote it across our social media, with approval from Devin. :slight_smile:

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Approved! I was actually going to write you about this, Jessie. Let’s make it open to everyone. I’ll include it in the newsletter this morning and follow up today about logistics.

Laser ornaments! Sponsored by Nick Thompson and Portable Espresso!


Awesome! I just made a public event for this and am waiting on approval from the Wilkinsburg Sun and City Paper on advertising. Nick, thank you so much for getting the ball rolling.