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I recently became a member and I was wondering if there is some sort of orientation or a guide with useful information for new members. Some things that come to mind are:

  • What equipment is/will be available, what the equipment status is (online/coming soon/under maintenance/etc…)?
  • How does one go about getting acclimated with some of the less common equipment like CNC machines, powder coating, etc… (Maybe some contacts of other members who volunteer to be a POC?)
  • Is there wifi available for members/what is the wifi password?
  • How can someone new get involved, volunteer to help set up/maintain equipment, or teach classes in areas they are experienced in?
  • Are there any recurring meetings that members in the community can attend to get involved?

I’d be happy to help out with putting any of this together as well, but as a new member I would need to figure some of these things out myself as well.


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Hi Eli, Welcome!

You bring up a lot of good points. There isn’t currently an orientation guide, but getting someone working to put one up on the website and/or welcome email would be a fantastic idea.

I think an equipment status page would be supremely useful. Being able to manage your workflow based on the availability of the machines is critical. The powdercoating station, for example, needs some electrical and ventilation work before it can be brought online. Having a place to check the expected timeline would be great.

We are in the middle of setting up ‘area leads’ for the different sections of the shop, and those people would be the go-to for information on how to get certified on equipment in that area, at least until regularly scheduled classes are being offered for each machine. The website should be updated pretty soon with that information.

There is wifi, and the password is posted on the wall of the studio.

Currently volunteer work is done off-the-cuff, but setting up a system for this should be a priority. If you have ideas on how this could be achieved, please share! At a recent meeting of the current volunteers, the idea was discussed that each area lead would be in charge of having meetings for people who wanted to volunteer to improve that area. This may bring back the structure of ‘special interest groups’ that was envisioned when we launched the shop, and would let each area evolve organically based on the needs of its users.

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I’d like to chip in a little myself. An informal way to get all of your questions answered is come in and figure out who the volunteer host(s) is/are for the day and ask us. That’s what we’re there for. We may not be able to answer everything but we could at least point you towards someone who could.

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Thanks everyone. I will definitely be coming in more frequently now that I have a little more time on the weekends.

I really appreciate the info as well. I’m going to take a look at documenting some of this and even setting up a simple wiki that might be useful to post this kind of information to, like new member orientation guide, available equipment and status, etc. I definitely don’t want to create something that would require significant upkeep, but maybe something small that people can just contribute to as things pop up. I’ll report back when I have something.

I’ll also be on the lookout for any upcoming meetings to attend.

Thanks again

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I spent some time exploring different open-source wikis and got something up and running here

This may or may not be an idea we actually want to explore given there’s already a dedicated protohaven website, but the nice thing about this is anyone who’s registered can create pages and contribute information. I’ve used these at work in the past and found they turn out to be a great collaboration tool.

I still have yet to add any useful information to it, but I have a basic structure set up and will add more information as I can if this is something that is of interest to people. Also, this is running on a personal server and would definitely need to be moved to a more permanent hosting provider if we actually wanted to use it (digital ocean is ~$5 a month, or maybe even a dedicated box in the shop)

Anyways, let me know anyone has any thoughts on this.


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Hi Eli, welcome to the shop! Thanks for jumping right in. :slight_smile:

Your note hits on two things we need to do - 1) assemble more information about the shop, and 2) package that information for new members. Right now we’re doing a lot of 1.

Here’s the info we currently have about our equipment: This is basically a list of everything we have, but it doesn’t include status, and it would be great to have that added.

If you’d like to work on that, I’d be glad to share the editing access to the spreadsheet and meet sometime to talk about what those statuses are!


Hi Devin, thanks for the link! It sounds like there’s still a lot going on to put all this stuff together. If you need any help with it, I am available to pitch in.

I didn’t realize there was already a sheet with this information so thanks. If I can be any assistance in putting together the equipment status for this sheet or packaging some information for new members I’d be happy to meet and discuss how I can help.

FYI I took down the prototype wiki site, as it sounds like we’ve already got a solution that’s in progress for this.