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Metal work SIG

For those of you who were at the meeting last night and were interested in discussing how we can build out a metal work area, here’s the place.

Just asking for clarification, was this for sheet-metal working? I.e shears, finger brake, bead roller, english wheel type work? or more a jewelry, silversmithing type area?

Maybe all of the above. Someone at the meeting suggested separating it away from machining.

I have a brake/shear/roller that I bought from Harbor Freight nearly 20 years ago that I find to be super useful for sheet metal work and cutting circuit boards apart. I have (also Harbor freight) a pair of shrinker/stretcher tools that I no-longer need and could donate. I left the stand in California when I moved here though.

I have a couple of metal bending tools from HF that are barely used. They need a mounting surface, I usually bolt them to tables as needed but one of my tables transmogrified in to a laser cutter. I think I have a grinder stand I could donate to use use as base plate, but we’d have to bolt the stand to the floor.

I came across this video today. It looks like it does a better job than just running the cutter along the edge of a straight piece of material.

I’m coming in to use a laser cutter on Tue (3 Jul) in the evening, should I bring in my bending tool donations? Where should I place them?

On the loading dock with manual. Pretty easy to bolt on to a table or a grinding stand.

found the scroll bending upgrade and manual, will bring that in as well.

What does the “Machine Shop Clearance Tests” cover? I don’t need to use the mill, lathe, or drill press; I do need to use the brake, roll, and other sheet metal working tools.

You’d have to touch base with Morgan to see what his plans are for dividing up the clearances in the metal shop. I’d assume the sheet metal stuff (shear, roll, brake) would all be cleared together. Mill & lathe will be their own things under the machine-shop’s umbrella.

That was my thinking but I couldn’t find any content for the calendar entries.

Yeah. That portion of the shop is still under development. No formalized classes to sign up for yet. Personalized signoffs are the flavor of the week.

Have a potential client for some sheet metal work that I’d rather do on the full-sized equipment at Protohaven instead of the 12" brake/roll I have at home. Is there an easy way for me to test out on the sheet metal equipment? My hours are flexible over the summer so I can meet in (most) day times or evenings.

I believe a new area lead has just been tapped for the metal shop (Morgan is shifting to blacksmithing lead). I’ll touch base with Devin to see what the situation is with testing-out instead of taking a full class. This needs to be more standardized across areas (even if that means putting a “cannot be tested out of” on the class page instead of a link to the test page).

Fine with that and willing to help write out docs. I’ve got some free hours next week, the week after I am booked from 9am to 10pm, then more free time the week of the 29th.