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(Sorry if this is the wrong Category, not sure where this should go. The Slack channel is dead and I’m not on any active discussion lists. I’m in bizdev mode right now and had a couple of ideas…)

Chatting with Gad today I pitched a couple of ideas that I’ve had in the back of my head.

Business memberships with additional benefits

My TechShop membership was through my LLC and I only used the space for paying client work. This week I had a severe failure at my home studio and needed a laser cutter now to finish work I needed to ship to a client. I reserved a laser cutter then arrived to find that the docents had to run other tasks and that I just happened to get there at the right time to get access to the shop.

Something that I would appreciate as a business-level customer would be a key/badge/equiv access to the shop. Not that I can kick someone out of a machine reservation, but that if I need to Skype with my Korean customer at o-dark-hundred, I could do it at Protohaven and show them sample laser cuts.

What I pitched to Gad was paying (at least) my TechShop level of membership as a business customer. That level of agreement also makes it easier for my insurance to cover my work at the shop or things I produce at the shop and sell to customers.

Equipment loan/rent for membership

One of the things I liked about TechShop was that it had a wood shop. I don’t have (and probably never will have) room for a wood shop in my studio. OTOH, I might be able to expense the cost of a good wood lathe for my work then trade space with Protohaven for a discount on my membership. If Protohaven pulls a TechShop and closes its doors, I’d want “my” lathe to be something I could return or buy at discounted cost.

I’m not sure how the legal agreement works on this, but off the cuff… “I’ll buy a $4K lathe and put it at Protohaven, they will maintain it, and I will receive an $x/mo discount for N months. At any point I can buy back the lathe for whatever discount I’ve previously paid.”


YES, YES. YES!! I’ve had a very similar discussion with Devin regarding the Equipment Loan/Rent idea. In my case, the example is/was a Laguna 14BX bandsaw set up for dedicated use in resaw work. (220v, 2.5hp motor, 1mm-kerf carbide tipped 3/4" blade, and a BRAKE!)

I’ve gotten feedback on the TS Orphans channel that a BIG part of the problems with woodcutting bandsaws at TS revolved around frequent switching blades between resaw-width and normal-width blades. Sure would be great to have a machine dedicated to each use.

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Is this a Slack channel? Can I get an invite?


No, it was one of the Facebook groups, I can’t even find my post now. (I might not have been the OP on that particular thread.)

… and I thought you didn’t want to be on too many social media platforms, anyway, amirite?


True, but I have a checklist of places to read once or twice a week. I don’t have time for FB in general, but I subscribe to several Slack channels in ROM.


Hi Jet - Both of these (Pro memberships and equipment loan/lease) are excellent ideas and things we’ll be talking about at the member meeting next week (I’m out of town this week, but just sent out invites.)


So now that we have various membership levels, can we document what each level brings? (Maybe that page exists and I’m simply unable to navigate the interwebz. :slight_smile: I’d like to take some clearance classes and wondering what my discount is as a Pro member.


Hey Jet - there was a bug where some early users - like you - didn’t get all the coupons that should have gone out. I’m working resolving this by the end of next week.


How could we have an operation in Pittsburgh WITHOUT coupons?


Will I get email or will something be added to my account? I’d like to do the basic metal working and CNC router (which I assume is for the ShopBot).


I went to the two classes I want to take next week, they are marked as “Bookable”, but the only links I can find add them to my google calendar.

However, if I go to “Home -> Classes -> Clearance Classes” I can actually sign up.

Can we have the link to google calendar point to the actual sign up page? Not all of us use Google Calendar for maintaining our schedule.


After adding a class and going to checkout I was notified that I had coupons. How strange.