Member Wall


Post photos of each member along with name and brief bio. Maybe on wall near kitchen area.
So I can quit saying to myself, “What was that guy’s name?”


Who ARE you? laugh


Wouldn’t be a bad idea. I stink at names/faces and have introduced myself to more than one person at Protohaven twice.


Could someone post meeting notes from last week’s meeting? I had a work conflict that I could have avoided if the meeting had been announced more than a few days in advance. Maybe we could just have a monthly meeting and we can all put it on our calendars?


I don’t have notes from the meeting but the short of it is that protohaven just got a significant grant that will allow it to take over the whole building and buy some significant new tools. We’re getting the rest of the building as of the middle of this month and buildout will start from there. There will be a public announcement sometime next week. There was some basic discussion on the proposed layout of areas in the larger space.


Receipt of this grant is a wonderful thing, and changes are already underway. All of the wood shop has moved out to the far end of the new space. Some chip-collection and dust-collection additions have been made. And there are WORKBENCHES!! :smiley:

After “wood” moved out of the Room of Requirement, “metal” moved in. Enormous drill press, multi-speed bandsaw, grinder, and TIG welder. The Tormach CNC is still there, standing in the shadow of its sleeping grandfather.

Larger perspective: The new large room is divided into four floor slabs. There is a plan in place to clean and seal the concrete floor out in the large room, first the three sections closest to the loading dock. The wood shop will then move into the clean-floor area, then the last section can be spiffed up.


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On a related note: we need contact info for class instructors and volunteer hosts so we can call them directly for things like “hey aren’t you supposed to be here right now?”.