Laser Rotary Setup


I see that there is a rotary attachment for the rabbit lasers - has anyone tried to set it up? I’d like to give it a shot but didn’t want to plug it in without okay from someone.

Chris Janssen


Hi Chris,
There is indeed a rotary tool, but switching the machine to use the rotary tool requires opening up the side panel, unplugging the y axis motor from the control box, and plugging in the rotary tool. The plugs used aren’t quick-disconnect type plugs, so they would likely be damaged after a few cycles, and we’d need to get a new controller board. $$$.

The current thinking for getting rotary capabilities in the shop is to get the Trotec up and running, and using the rotary tool that we have for that machine. I’m not exactly sure what needs to be done for that (word in the shop is ‘not much’), so I’ll try to touch base with Shawn to see if we can make that happen sooner rather than later.