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Laser Resources

Laser Resouces
You run the job:

2x3ft 150w Laser Cutter (glass tube)
$0.25 per minute to use (only charged for running time) and must be a member to use
Safety class provided at no charge

Two Boxzys that can be configured as laser cutters
Must be a member to use

Carnegie Science Center Fab Lab
Has a 40w laser
Available for use during Free Flow fridays (must sign up ahead of time)
Must take a class before use, but they might be able to be flexible on this for former TS members who took the SBU. Please contact the space to confirm.
Also has other equipment available if you’ve taken the course
Courses $25…/fablab-public-works…/

Someone else runs the job:
Pitt Makerspace
Has lasers (3’x4’) available for Pitt students to use.

Would need a student who has access to run jobs

Bryan Azzy Spiegel
100w 24x36 RECI laser
Full spectrum 40w 11x19
Prices would be by job, and I supply material and run files

Jet Townsend
2’x4’ 130W laser cutter
Wood and cloth cutting, no plastic
test cuts and quote for free if file is supplied
$60/hr for cutting and setup, $80/hr for design work
Can pick up and drop off for $10/hr
Also does metal working, 3D printing, and design
Email for more info

I also have heard from a couple of other people that they may be able to provide limited laser access for those in the direst of need. If you have exhausted all other possibilities, I can connect you.
Please contact me if you know of other laser resources that can be added to this list.