Jewelry SIG


Hi! I’m V, a new member here. I wanted to see if there was anyone else interested in getting the jewelry section up and running. I noticed there are a lot of tools already available, it just needs to be organized. Does anyone else have any plans for it already? I’d love to get involved!

Additionally, are there things like an acetylene torch or a kiln available, or do they go on a wish list for the jewelry section?


Hi V. Welcome!
There aren’t any solid jewelry plans right now since current volunteers are working on other projects. On the big ‘to do’ board in the hub area, there’s a post-it task to get that area set up, and I believe it has someone’s name on it. Maybe Karen? Anyway, if you get in touch with whoever that is, you could probably have some company while digging through all the goodies.

I don’t think there was a torch, but there is a kiln around somewhere. What sort of torch is needed? Are there special jewelry torches, or are they the same as, say, the plumbers’ acetylene brazing torches?


There is a torch that we brought over from Techshop last weekend. I don’t know if it has the right tanks at the moment. I feel like neither of the tanks were acetylene. I also don’t know what heads we have for it but there is a torch at Protohaven. There is a big kiln (or two) in the shop. If someone was actually going to use it, I have a small burnout oven (for jewelry) that I could bring in. It is a (tiny) kiln that may work for whatever you want to do. I also have a centerfuge and other stuff needed for casting jewelry.

I was at a book sale last weekend where you could fill a bag for $10. We were getting a bunch of books for ourselves but there was still room in the bag so I stuck a couple of jewelry books in there, which I will bring in at some point.


Awesome, thanks Thorn and Jack! I’ll check out the board next time I’m in the shop. That’s great that there are kilns available. I’d be interested in using it (wouldn’t need anything huge) once I get things set up there.

I’m not an expert on torch specs at this point, so I’d have to do a bit of research on what would be ideal for silversmithing (unless anyone else here happens to know already). I’m just getting started with all of this on my own after having taken a few smithing classes at Touchstone. Good to know there is a torch though. I’ll make a note to look into what would or wouldn’t work for jewelry purposes.


Following up on this - acetylene or oxy-acetylene are the most common torches people use for jewelry purposes (and nothing particularly special is needed as far as equipment goes - I’m sure what you were thinking of as a plumber’s torch is perfect, Thorn), but even handheld butane torches would work as well.

I’ve done some cleaning & organizing of the tools in the toolbox and the new cabinet we moved over to the jewelry section. Besides a torch, I think the only other main item to do over there is getting the hooks/brackets up for hanging the flexshaft motors. All other heating/pickling supplies are in the lower drawers and the bottom shelf of the red tool cabinet.

2 Questions - is the structure that’s next to the supply closet meant for the torch setup? It looks to me like it would be, but I’m not sure why it’s covered in cardboard unless that was applied for moving purposes. Also, I can’t figure out what the long wooden T structure that’s sitting on the table is for. Does it go on top of the wall-mounted brackets? I never saw the jewelry setup at Tech Shop so I have no mental picture to go on.