Is there a ISO or a Help Bulletin Section within the site?


Haven’t been into the shop due to work demands.

Just wondering is there an online bulletin help board?
Or a “ISO” feature on the site where other members can communicate or be in the loop of things?

Or even a “protohaven” posting of supplies or tools that users may have available for use or sale or barter? etc

Or a listing of members who have certain skills they are willing to teacher or barter or even tutor for a fee
Just wondering…


Other than this forum, not really. Protohaven has a Facebook page. Mostly posts about things people make at the shop, an upcoming event (like about the jewelry area this Wed or the book swap on Sat), or an interesting technology. There’s nothing organized in the manner you suggest. On this forum, you can suggest new sections, and then people can post in them. Not sure how much activity they’d get. Sometimes, people respond very quickly. Some topics generate a lot of interest and comments!