I’m available


I have been doing woodshop and a subset of metal shop for most of my life. I could qualify to teach SBUs or intermediate-level courses on tools I know. I can teach electronics from soldering to oscilloscope (I have 60 years in both, maybe 62 in soldering, and I built my first oscilloscope from a Heathkit when I was 12), Arduino hardware and software (PhD in Computer Science and I taught the second hardware course ever taught in the PhD program and created the student hardware lab). I could probably teach any introductory course in electronics or programming “cold” (with no prep). There are lots of good introduction-to-Arduino books out there; Adafruit has a new line of “Express” boards that can be programmed in C++ (I am an expert), Python (I once read a Python program) or MakeCode (a block-programming language). Circuit Playground Express (CPX) is great, and the Crickit add-on for CPX or Feather Express boards is a great robotics platform. These are cheap enough (about $30 each) that we can charge a nominal materials fee and they get to keep the board.

I’m available; all I need is for PH to provide the venue and publicity as well as handling the money. Suitable for 8-up (MakeCode) or 12-up (C++); I do not yet feel qualified for Python. But I’m not going to spend a lot of effort until I know what is going to be needed.