[EVENT] Open House


Hi friends!

We will be having an Open House on Tuesday, March 6 from 7PM - 9PM. The shop will be partially shut down for equipment usage while we are running equipment demos. If you are available and interested I will definitely need some volunteer help for setup, during the event and after for tear down.

I would love to fill the space with members and new people, please consider this your invitation to come down and bring a friend who might be interested in what we’re doing here. :slight_smile: We will have equipment demos, refreshments, hard copy floor plans for our expansion, and (with your help) members and directors available to answer questions about Protohaven.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! To everyone who came out last night to support the shop. We had so many people come through the shop, Devin and I could not have coordinated everyone without our volunteers.

Special shout out to Lizzee, Lisa, Bill, Matt and Andy for running demos, helping with logistics and explaining member projects. You all made the space more welcoming and the equipment less daunting to new folks and friends.

I feel so good about what we’re doing and the crowd from last night feels like real proof that we are doing something people want to be involved in.