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EVENT Maker and Creatives Meet-up

What: Free Meet-up
Where: Protohaven
When: Tuesday (1/16) from 7PM-10PM
Host: Matt Verlinich

Our first meetup went really well, so this month we’re going to begin rotating around to different creative spaces in the city. Remember that the point of this event is to bridge the gaps between all the creative spaces and individuals this city has to offer. If you’re invited to this event, try to think of at least on other person to bring into the fold!

Matt/Clear Ice is providing beverages, I think the idea is snack and drink potluck. I’ll get clarification from Matt :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Thanks Jessie!
I hope we’ll see some new faces. Feel free to bring anything you like. Dev/Protohaven is going to provide some snacks.

I’ll be mixing up a cocktail or two. Check in at the facebook event to let us know you’re thinking about coming, and also stay tuned for a survey there about what cocktail I’ll bring!

Also, donations are welcome at the following link:
All excess funds will go towards more drinks at the next months meet-up which will be hosted at a different space!

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