[EVENT] Launch Party (volunteers needed)


Hi friends!

We’re having a launch party for the new space and an open house for interested members on Thursday December 13th from 7PM - 9PM. The shop will be shut down from 7PM until 10PM, but you should come out for a community night with everyone. This is a great opportunity to bring friends and family who are interested in the shop, come meet members and show off your projects!

How you can help:
Help with tours (2 volunteers needed)
Help with check-in table (2 volunteers needed)
Help with set up and/or tear down
Bring a project for our Maker Table, a space we’re creating for you to show off what you’re working on

Leave a comment if you can help


I can bring some of my laser cut products from my Etsy store.
Edit: I also have things I sell on Shapeways I can show, but most of those were designed/fabbed on my personal 3d printer.


Hey Jet! That would be awesome, thank you!

I will be at the shop on Thursday from around 5PM on, just find me when you get there and we can set them out for display.


I’d be happy to help with setup and tours.


grrrr… I’m having a work conflict and might not be there until 7pm.


Nope, will be there around 6pm.

Where are we advertising this? I’m looking for a link to post to Twitter etc.