Hey guys, I’m looking for someone who knows how to cut acrylic plastic on the cnc. I need two signs cut out for my new office, with potentially a couple more in a month. I have clearance on the machine and want to be involved in the process, basically trying to learn which in the process. I will buy the acrylic that I need and I have new blades or will buy what is needed. All you have to do is take my logo and create a g-code. Then we cut it out.

Will pay for the job. Email me at


I can give you some guidance on that, Justin. We’ll need that logo in a vector format, preferably Adober Illustrator. Import to Vcarve, and off we go!


Thanks a lot Marty. I have those files, I will go ahead and order the plastic then. Just curious, will we be able to adjust the where the letters get cut out to maximize plastic? Or just cut the logo right out as it reads? That will determine how much I get. Thanks