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Classes Scheduled?

So, I hear that there’s going to be a Woodshop Safety 101 class on May 31st. (Yes, that’s tonight.) Does anybody know when it is starting? Please call me at 412.818.8096 if you have an answer.

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Hi Marty,
There was a tentative possibility earlier this week that a safety checkoff (not a full blown training class) would be held tonight, but last I heard from Devin was that we were postponing until next week when he is back in town. If there is anyone who was definitively signed up for a time tonight, I can certainly come in to administer the test.
There will likely be an announcement via the email list when a class time becomes available for signup.

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When this happens, I’d like to be part of it. The sooner we can start certifying people to be allowed to use the equipment, the sooner we can start growing our membership.


I’m a little nervous about classes that are announced less than 12 hours before they start. Last-minute scheduling is fine at a software startup where you do standing meetings and have weekly sprints, but there’s no way I can run my life/business on that sort of schedule.

There are two more on the calendar in future weeks, I’ll sign up for one and hope it actually happens.

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As the person administering the test, I can say “It’ll happen.” Sign up for what works for you, and I’ll see you there!

It’s probably worth noting that this checkoff is for the basic tools. Table saw, miter saw, drill press, band saw, belt sander. Mill work machines like the jointer, planer, and router table will be a separate checkoff.

I’ll sign up after I get the discount coupon.

Seriously? My coupon is only good for one day? I had a client meeting come up for the 28th before I got the coupon, so I scheduled the client meeting. I only checked my email tonight tbecause I got home “early” at 9pm, normally I would have waited until tomorrow.

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Subject: Protohaven: Congratulations! You’ve received a coupon jet townsend

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Im sure it will be honored beyond that one day. Devin was out of the shop today, that’s probably why you didn’t see a response.

If you’ve cut and pasted correctly, your coupon is good for a year.

Also, it turns out that I’ll be out of town on July 5th, so it might be best to avoid signing up for the basic woodshop checkoff test that evening for now. I’ve just now notified Devin so the decision hasn’t been made to remove that class from the calendar or find a stand-in instructor.

Yes, it’s good for a year. “Reading is hard.”

@jet I teach the laser test on Wednesdays, 7pm sharp. We’ve had a couple sessions so far. Not this coming week because it’s a holiday, but come to one of the next ones if you can! :grinning:

Can I get a pass on the laser test? I’m on the lasersaur team, have built several laser cutters, own a laser cutter, write software for laser cutters, and have tried to fix serious safety issues while people are using the Protohaven laser cutters.

Signed up for a CNC class a couple of days ago and the instructor was a no-show. How do I resked for my next available time?

This is my fault, Jet, I didn’t get the class schedule updated to reflect when they would be out of town. I’ll connect you two by email to find a time that works.

I only have the 29th, 30th, 1st, and 2nd available this week, the most evenings the week of the 10th. I have negative free time the week of the 3rd.

Heya, still waiting on email…

Ok, it’s a full month later, the instructor is leaving Pittsburgh, I still don’t have a refund.

I am pressed for clients right now so $60 is an hour’s worth of profit that I’d like to turn back in to supplies if I can’t use it for a CNC approval.