Autodesk fusion 360 SIG


We now have a CNC router and CNC mill that are just about to be put in service as well as two 3D printers and another CNC mill that are already set up and working. Is there any interest in getting a group of people together who are interested in using Autodesk Fusion 360 to design parts that could be made by these machines?

I’ve never used Fusion 360 but have worked with about ten other CAD/modeling programs in the past. I could figure things out and present a new modeling concept or two each week unless someone else with actual Fusion 360 experience wants to present.

I’m thinking a weekday (Monday through Thursday) starting around 7. Is anyone interested?


I’m definitely interested, but probably (definitely) wouldn’t be able to dedicate an evening a week to it.

360 is pretty similar to inventor, and I’d be happy to walk through a quick ‘get you up and running’ demonstration of the software before you dive into deep topics.


I am interested. I have experience with AutoCAD, but I’ve never used Fusion 360. I would probably be able to dedicate an evening a week


Eli, what’s your availability like?


Is there a reason for me to switch from Solidworks/Rhino? I’m not sure I want to learn a third package.


Does Rhino produce CAM programs? If not, that is a reason. My version of Solidworks doesn’t natively.

Personally I have been using Solidworks for the past ten or so years and exporting my models to Bobcad. Bobcad (at least my version) is VERY buggy and because of that I was never willing to upgrade and just manually pored through the Gcode that it produced to make sure it wasn’t doing oddball things.

I’m tired of that workflow. Other CAM programs are expensive. Fusion 360 seems to provide everything that I need to do. That’s why I’m going to learn it.


Yes, but I just realized that was always on someone else’s dime. I haven’t bought my own copy and don’t know what it costs. My Solidworks license is academic, I should see what I can get for cheap/free thru CMU.


There’s a free educator license for Fusion 360. I forget the steps, but my wife’s a teacher and i (i mean she) got it pretty easily through their site.


I’m interested in learning how to use the CNC machine, specifically to flatten live edge wood slabs. 7 Would be good for me any day of the week. I also have extra slabs of wood if need to test.


Good safety/use question: are we going to allow woodworking on the metalworking machines?


It looks like we have enough interest to meet up now. I have created a ‘doodle’ scheduling thing that should help us figure out a good time to meet up. You can find that here:

I can personally make it on Monday or Wednesday of next week though my wife will be a bit cranky if it ends up on Wednesday. After next week, I’m pretty booked through the holidays.

Please indicate when you could come and if we end up getting enough people on one of the days, I’ll announce a meeting. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll try again in January after the holidays are over, probably during the second week.

I jumped into using Fusion 360 two days ago and found it a bit frustrating but that is likely because I’m just so used to Solidworks and don’t know how to do things in Fusion yet. I did manage to make a rudimentary program for our CNC mill. The Dynapath 50 post processor works for us even though our mill has a Dynapath 40 controller.


Sorry Jack, I didn’t see this until today (notifications didn’t come through). I am available the 2nd week of January if you’re still thinking about doing that. I’ll play around with Fusion 360 in the meantime.


i’m interested also, available anytime after 7 m-f and on weekends