Article: Laser Cutter Speed And Power


This was an interesting read on explaining the delicate balance between translational speed and laser power:

Thought others may find it interesting.

Did anyone ever start a list of speed and power setting for different material on the laser cutters? I know I have kept notes on what I have used, but my experience with the laser cutters are pretty limited.

If no one has started this list, is there a wiki or some other mechanism we could used to begin to publish this type of information? I am sure there are other things that it would be good to document and publish.


I think this would be a great idea


I did test-cut sheets for my Lasersaur in my studio – for a given power percentage here are cuts at various speeds.

What I really learned was while making the cut sheets, that for almost all the materials I cut you want max power then to modulate the speed.