3D model needed


I have a friend of a friend who is looking for some CAD work to be done.

Her husband has prototyped a chair that is made out of many layers of plywood. I’ve talked with him before about this and the intent is to go into production with it. The prototype was completely done by hand though so there is no computer model. It is, of course all glued together so the pieces can’t be separated.

His wife is looking for a CAD model to be made that can then be sliced to make pieces that can be CNC cut. This chair is a standard chair but has some organic curves so it will require some artistry.

I’m busy with other things right now. If I were to approach it, I would want to model it in something like Maya where I could use polygon tools to relatively quickly hone in on the shape of it. I haven’t studied up on Fusion 360 but I believe that it has tools similar to this. I think that using solid modeling tools would take too long since it is curvy enough to make this difficult.

Is anyone here capable of doing this and interested? I could direct her to take the appropriate pictures of the prototype (its in California) so that you could model things appropriately and to scale. Below is a quick photo of it.